As a community organisation, volunteers are essential to the smooth operation of Cottingham Civic Hall.

We are always looking to recruit, so if you wish to volunteer and have not already given us your details please email [email protected] with volunteer as the subject and we will send you a registration form.

We are looking for people who like to work in a friendly group have some fun, feel they are making a difference in the community and at the same time know they are helping to keep the Civic Hall at the centre of our community.

If you are not sure – contact us, pop in and have a chat….. and have a look at what some of our current volunteers say about their experience


What our volunteers say ……..

“As a user of the hall you certainly get satisfaction from knowing your own little contribution helps to keep it going, and you’re doing your bit to try and ensure its future”  GAIL

“So far I’ve only helped with the cleaning in the civic hall all the work I’ve been doing is straight forward and like all housework but on a bigger scale!  I’ve really enjoyed meeting some new people”  DAVID

“I find it a cathartic experience to help at the Civic and try to put a little back into my community.  It’s only an hour at a time and I can choose which sessions and type of work I do.”  TONY

“Its been fun – some of the things that I have been involved with haven’t taken long at all and there’s something everyone can get involved in – its great to put something back into the Community and keep this fantastic hall for our village and know you are making a difference”  ANN


What can of things do the volunteers get involved in?
Volunteers are essential to reducing the running costs of the Hall and with that in mind there are many different kinds of activity that Volunteer can help out with – including – Helping out at events – which might include setting up for the event, cleaning up after the event and during the event checking tickets at the door, bar work, keeping the bar supplied with glasses (collecting, washing & drying) and other activities depending on the event might include preparing teas/coffees, helping sell raffle tickets etc
Helping in the Hall – which might include decorating, maintenance jobs, cleaning etc
Fund Raising
Administration – office work including creative ideas for Posters, Leaflets, Pamphlets, grant applications etc
Distributing leaflets
In truth the opportunities are endless… everyone is welcome – if you think you can help – contact us…

2.  How does it work?

You will be asked to complete a Volunteer Form and this gives us an indication of the type of activities you are interested in being involved in, as well as your general availability.  Once you sign up as a volunteer you will be included in our regular communications – where we outline the activities planned in the Hall for the coming month and ask you to let us know which ones you are able to help out with.  We try to spread the work across the volunteers.

3.  Are you interested if I only have limited availability?

We know that everyone’s circumstances are different… when you complete the form you are asked to indicate your availability but this is only to give an idea of when you might be available.  We really rely on the replies to the regular monthly communications when asking volunteers to help at specific events and activities.   Some of our volunteers are able to be very active, others may be away for part of the year or be limited due to work commitments.


The Trustees

Ian Start (chair)

Geoff Groom (vice chair)

Jane Price (treasurer)

Robert Nicklas (secretary)

Harold Kay

Jenny Mills

Katrin McClure

Jim Stansfield

Pat Tomlinson

Peter Duffus