Are the gigs and events seated?

It depends on the individual event whether there is seating provided for the whole audience. Usually you will find this information on the posters advertising the event or on our website. However, our staff will always try to accommodate seating for anyone with an individual need, provided that it can be achieved safely. If seating is a necessity, please contact us to arrange it before purchasing your tickets – 01482 844599

Is there a bar at Cottingham Civic Hall?

Yes – the Civic Hall is now full licenced and there is a fully stocked bar and experienced bar staff to serve you. At busy events we may also open an additional area for the purchase of drinks to ensure we meet demand.

Is there disabled access at the Civic Hall?

There is good disabled access to the main and small hall areas. A disabled toilet is available on the ground floor. A lift wide enough to accommodate a wheel chair services the 1st floor. In the main hall there is a lift from the main floor into the bar facilities. Currently there are no disabled arrangements in the other areas of the building but we are currently prioritising an upgrade on our disabled access throughout the building.

Is the Civic Hall still run by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council?

Since March 2018 the Civic Hall has been managed by the Cottingham Village Trust, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, who secured the premises for community use under a long term lease from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The ERYC retain ownership of the buildings. If you want to contact the Civic Hall you can find our contact details on this site.

What happened to the services that used to be at the Civic Hall?

Since March 2018 the Registrar and other East Riding Council services have been moved to other locations. Most are still available locally and are now part of the services offered in the Library building situated at the rear of the Civic Hall building.